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Our Advanced Post-Dipping System

Dip & Spray is an automatic system for the protection of the teats after milking. it is available in two versions:

  • SPRAY version, equipped with a nozzle, to use with LIQUID products
  • DIP version, equipped with a cup, to use with FILMING products

It ensures a better efficacy of the chemical solutions. It is possible to use simultaneously more than one dosing gun in order to sanitize the teats of the dairy cattle in the post-milking phase. 

Easy to install and to use, it drastically reduces risks of bacterial contamination after milking process. It’s equipped with a renewed dipping cup and spray gun, which ensure a total and quick coverage of every teat for the post-milking process. In particular, it protects the sphincter in order to prevent the spread of mastitis after milking.

The ergonomic handle of our dosing gun helps to make the post-milking process easier and more efficient.  

In addition, thanks to our renewed dipping cup and spray gun, we’ll provide a cost-effective post-milking process to the farmer. Our system, in fact, supplies the chemical solution exactly where it is necessary, without waste.




  • Automatic system, easy to install and maintain
  • Easy-to-handle gun which ensures less stress for the operator
  • Total and protective coverage of the teats
  • System built with anti-corrosion materials
  • No product waste during the filling of the sanitizing solution
  • Suited for any type of milking parlour, from the smallest to the biggest

Dairy Equipment Leader

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