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F71/24 NEW

THE NEW F71/24

The F71 teat scrubber system allows you to prepare your cows teats for milking with a simple process.

As first step, our brushes wash and disinfect and then, as second step, they dry and stimulate every teat. They also efficiently and evenly remove the first pumps of milk before milking process.

Our washing unit includes three brushes. The upper brushes wash, sanitize and massage the external surface of the teats and the base of the udder. At the same time, the bottom brush completes the same process at the end of the teats and at the sphincter. 



Easy to use, cleaning of the teats in 10 seconds per animal, no chance of infectious diseases, self-cleaning, operator’s hands always clean, no tissue for cleaning, save hot water up to 80%, higher quality milk as a result.

The washing unit is completely isolated electrically. We recommend it for farms of small and medium size.



A water diffuser which sprinkles on the teats at 360° for a better cleaning is available.


The F71 is the lightest washing unit currently available on the market.

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