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Foam Generator

Automatic foaming system for the pre-milking routine

Foam Generator is a system for the cleaning / sanitizing of the teats in the pre-milking phase. This system is able to automatically produce foam generated by one- component and two-component chemical products. 


It’s composed by a Control Unit which includes:

  • A self-priming pump which works with compressed air
  • A float equipped with a filter and a non-return valve
  • A pressure regulator for the delivery pressure of the pump
  • A pressure regulator for the density of the foam
  • A dosing gun with a wide cup which facilitates the dipping of the teats
  • It can work with more than one gun simultaneously


The originality of this system consists in the foam, which is originated in the gun, thanks to a specially designed mixer. Our system stands out from the others, where the foam is produced upstream. This causes waste of product, as the foam becomes liquid between a milking and another.

Simply pressing the lever of the dosing gun, the foam automatically originates and fills the cup where the teats will be dipped for a total coverage.

Thank to the Foam Generator, you will save time and chemical product, improving your pre-milking routine.

It’s also easy to install, thanks to the components supplied in the mounting kit.



  • It generates a high-density foam in a few seconds
  • The system is made up by anti-corrosion materials
  • Ergonomic and light dosing gun
  • It makes the regulation of the foam density and quantity easier
  • You save time during your pre-milking process
  • It eliminates unwanted substances in the milk, like bacteria or dirt
  • It eliminates the waste of chemical product during the filling phase

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